Rushki small


 This is my new canine mate Rushki who came to comfort me after the sad demise of my first wonderful mate, Chipper, about whom I will write some time in the future. Rushki is very gentle - much too gentle, when her cousin Zoe (about whom I will have to write, or point you to her web page)visits. You see, Zoe is very dominant.



 This is Chipper, my first canine mate. He came to my house as a puppy and was part of our family for exactly 12 years, before he went to Doggie Glory after his liver failed him. Despite his death two years ago, he always seems to be with us and I often see Chipper in Rushki's antics.


 Nor can we forget our courageous little trouper, Benji, the Silky Terrier that we adopted when he was six, having had him visit for monthly periods from the age of four. This little boy really deserves a medal. He has endured skin problems (and overcome them); at the age of 14, he had a 1kg growth removed from his right kidney (along with the kidney) and recovered to give us much joy. At 15, he is beginning to slow down with a heart murmur, but is still a loving, sociable little dog. Everyone who meets him, think he is adorable. He has been a companion to Chipper, and now Rushki. One of his most adorable traits is his gentle snoring at night. I will really miss that when this little dog goes to doggie glory.

Trouper large